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Kangaroo Island History

Kangaroo Island has a rich and diverse history that reads like a cross section of not only South Australia's history but also Australia's history in general. Originally populated by Aboriginals who left the island thousands of years ago, it was later discovered by Europeans in the early 1800’s and settled by sealers and whalers before the South Australia Company arrived to build the first South Australian settlement in 1836.

With Island Intrigue self drive audio guide you will learn all about the history of Kangaroo Island from the English and French maritime explorers, Matthew Flinders and Nicholas Baudin, to the American Sealers who set up camp near Pelican Lagoon while building a new sealing vessel from local timber.

Island Intrigue gives you an appreciation for the events that not only shaped the future of Kangaroo Island but that of South Australia too.

Listen to a sample: