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Kangaroo Island Stories

Kangaroo Island’s history is full of interesting stories of its people and places. With the Island Intrigue self-guided audio tour you will find out about some of the most interesting of these stories that helped shape the Island's unique lifestyle.

Some of the early settlers to the island in the 1800’s were wild men who had often deserted their sealing gangs to set up a life in a new unexplored and isolated environment. Hear about some of these characters such George “Fireball” Bates who crafted a life for himself on the eastern end of Kangaroo Island after jumping ship from a passing sealing boat. Other stories include shipwreck survival stories from the wild west coast, a ghost story and the Aboriginal Dreamtime story about Kangaroo Island to name a few.

With the Island Intrigue self-guided audio tour you will be entertained with some interesting stories from the island while you take in the beautiful scenery and gain an insight into Kangaroo Island that only the locals know.

Listen to a sample: